Signing Policy


Academic Petition Policy (pdf)

Academic Probation Policy (pdf)

ACT SAT Scoring Policy (pdf)

Applying for Admission Policy (pdf)

Adult Integrated Learning Program Policy (pdf)

Cancelling Admission Application Withdrawing Application Policy (pdf)

Confirming Admissions Policy (pdf)

Deferring Admissions Offer Policy (pdf)

Freshman Applicant Policy (pdf)

Incomplete Grade Policy (pdf)

Non-Traditional Applicant Policy (pdf)

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (pdf)

Undergraduate Student at Large Policy (pdf)

Withdrawal Policy (pdf)

Change of Major Policy (pdf)

Conflict or Emergencies Policy (pdf)

Credit Evaluation Policy (pdf)

Deadline Policy (pdf)

Distribution of Courses Policy (pdf)

Double Major and Minor Policy (pdf)

Dual Enrollment Policy (pdf)

Evaluation of Credit Policy (pdf)

GED Policy (pdf)

Higher Ed Textbook Information Policy (pdf)

Homeschool Policy (pdf)

IB Credit Policy (pdf)

Repeat Course Policy (pdf)

Second Bachelor's Policy (pdf)

Exams Prior to 2019 Policy (pdf)

Exams Retake Policy (pdf)

Exams Transfer Students Policy (pdf)

Math Exams Transfer Students Policy (pdf)

First Time Freshman Exams Policy (pdf)

Sources of Acceptable Standardized Test Scores Policy (pdf)

SAT-ACT Requirement Policy (pdf)

Application Fee Policy (pdf)

Application Fee Waiver Policy (pdf)

Awarding AIM HIGH Policy (pdf)

Awarding Direct Loans Policy (pdf)

Awarding Finish Strong Policy (pdf)

Awarding MAP Grant Policy (pdf)

Awarding Pell Grant Policy (pdf)

Awarding Private Loans Policy (pdf)

Awarding Athletic Scholarships Policy (pdf)

Awarding Pell Grant Policy (pdf)

Awarding SEOG Policy (pdf)

Disbursements Policy (pdf)

Dismissal for Poor Scholarship Policy (pdf)

Federal Work Study (pdf)

Student Budget Policy (pdf)

Board of Trustees Full Board Meetings Due Dates (pdf)

CSU General Letterhead - Blank (pdf)

Military Mobilization Policy (pdf)

Priority Registration for Veterans Service Members Policy (pdf)

Social Security Number Policy (pdf)

Falsification Policy (pdf)

File Review Policy (pdf)

FERPA Policy (pdf)

Indexing Digital Documents (pdf)

Joint Service Policy (pdf)

Meeting Times Patterns Policy (pdf)

Monthly Reconciliation Policy (pdf)

Office Operations Policy (pdf)

Office Writing Protocol Policy (pdf)

Professional Judgment Policy (pdf)

R2T4 Policy (pdf)

Record Retention Policy (pdf)

Submission of Official Required Documents Policy (pdf)

Undocumented Students Policy (pdf)

English Exams Transfer Students Policy (pdf)

English Language Proficiency Policy for International Applicants (pdf)

International Freshman Applicant Policy (pdf)

International Transfer Applicants Policy (pdf)

Regular Transfer Applicant Policy (pdf)

Transfer Credit Policy (pdf)

Transfer Freshman Applicant Policy (pdf)

Transfer Students with AA or AS Degrees Policy (pdf)



Administrative Services Unit Policy (pdf)

Fleet Accident Response Plan (pdf)

Overnight Parking Policy (pdf)

Parking Flyer (pdf)

Special Event Parking Form (pdf)

Vehicle Use & Fleet Use Policy (pdf)